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February 28, 2008

Whenever I take part in Illustration Friday I always try to think about the topic in an oblique manner. With this week’s topic of “Multiple” I decided to play with the word and wound up with ‘Infinity’. Now that was as close as I could come without drawing multiple images or Maddroxx the Multiple Man! So this character has a pseudo infinity symbol on his forehead. That’s my take!


Black History Month

February 24, 2008

February is almost over, but I had the honor of working on a poster for McDonald’s to celebrate Black History month. I created the backdrop which was also used in the program for the event at the Apollo Theatre. The poster is available in McDonald’s restaurants and honors Broadcast Legends. I had a great time meeting and talking to so many of the reporters that I grew up watching and continue to watch now.

McDonald’s Starving Artist Ad

February 19, 2008

Here is the print version of the piece I did for McDonald’s that is running in the Northeast market this quarter. I was glad to get my name in the ad and it was really cool to take part in the campaign.

Obama Sketch

February 19, 2008

I’ll start from scratch with my sketch of Presidential hopeful Barack Obama. I was going for a Bernie Fuchs look with the drawing. This piece is available as a print for any interested parties.